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Unable to keep your pet or have you found a stray?


Because we are a no-kill facility, space is limited so you must always call before bringing in any animal.  Space is determined by the number of adoptions we do.  If you can work with us and keep the animal indoors until we can accomodate the animal we sure would appreciate it.


A DROP-OFF FEE is required per animal to help defer the cost of caring for the animal and veterinary care.  


For more information, please call.

Whether your pet went missing or you are trying to find the owner of a pet you found, there are lots of great resources available.


The list to the left will take you to local and national lost/found databases, as well as offer tips for lost and found pets and for more help if you lost a pet, found a litter of kittens/puppies, or need help with a stray dog or feral cat.


At SVHS we provide all adopters with a free-to-them microchip in their new pet. The staff then enters the pet's microchip identification number and the owner's contact information into 24/7 PetWatch. If your pet is lost, the microchip and the contact information on their computer site is the best chance for getting your pet home again.  So, if you transfer ownership of the pet,  you must provide the new owner's contact information to PetWatch.  


Whenever an animal clinic or a shelter receives a stray animal they scan for a microchip.  24-PetWatch provides the contact information that is on file to try to reunite the pet and the owner.  We cannot return your pet to you if we cannot contact you!  So, please - if your telephone number changes or if the ownership of a chipped pet changes, please remember to update the contact information at 24Hour PetWatch!



Petfinder - tips to find your missing pet or to help a stray, or to adopt

24PetWatch - lost pet recovery network

PETS 911 - lost/found posting service

Missing Pet Network - lost and found listings by state

Missing Pet Partnership - search and rescue for lost/missing pets

Tabby Tracker - online Lost Cat Database

Find Toto - Lost Pet Alert Service

Together Tag - an ID and lost pet recovery system by Catster/Dogster

Petango - online lost pet search tool

These resources are to assist pet owners and animal caregivers. The contents of external websites are beyond our control. We accept listings to this web page complementary to our mission statement and we reserve the right to refuse or remove any listings that are not in line with our mission.